Travel With Kidz company core values include: caring, fun, knowledge, experience and integrity.

If you are planning on participating in an activity overseas it is important to be aware safety equipment standards for children  vary.

Travel with Kidz has over 15 years experience specialising in families holidays worldwide. As parents ourselves we appreciate that safety standards vary around the world. Our company core values include ‘caring’ which in real terms means ensuring safety for children from the moment they leave their homes to travel to the airport, on board the aircraft, vehicles for transfers, suitable accommodation and excursions that are safe for children.

Australia proudly implements the highest level of equipment standards for children, though overseas it is difficult to guarantee the same high standards. This includes helmets for water and snow skiing, bike and horse riding, car seats for babies and toddlers and life jackets for water sports. Do not assume that safety equipment will fit, that they have your childs size and that it meets international standards.

Your children should be personally fitted and we encourage you to consider taking your own equipment for safety reasons when participating in water and land sports overseas.

For more information call your TWK specialist or find one near you here.