Kids clubs and child care facilities are operated by local hotels, resorts and ski fields and are often open to the general public.

It is recommended the parents or carers of children who are planning on using the facilities, spend time researching the standards of the childcare facilities, kids clubs, baby sitters or nannies when travelling. This is critical if travelling overseas, as standards of childcare in some countries vary considerably from those provided in Australia. It is recommended to consider the ratio of staff to children, qualifications of the staff caring for children, hiring and screening procedures for staff, training in first aid and emergency procedures, personal liability insurance and the accreditation standards of the childcare providers.

Travel With Kidz supplies information provided from various resources, mainly the internet and directly from the resort/hotel and ski resorts.

The information is correct as of September 2013 and is subject to change at any time without notice. It is recommended for parents or carers who are considering using childcare within Australian and overseas to contact the facilities direct to confirm the above standards.

No responsibility is taken by Travel With Kidz Pty Ltd, we offer this information as a guide only.