No one wants to carry heavy cots and prams half way across the world. If you do there is no room to take home souvenirs and presents. Let’s face it. Waiting to see whether your baby equipment arrives unscathed is no fun. With most baggage allowance being 20 kgs and when half is taken up with baby equipment, you have to ask if there is a better way. Well, now there is!

Now you do not have to bring strollers, cots, cribs or even car seats when travelling. Let Baby Equipment Hire companies take care of it all for you. Hire everything your baby needs before you get to your destination. Here are one or two examples:

Bali Baby Equipment Hire
Bali Baby equipment will be delivered to your hotel or villa before you get there and you can enjoy your holiday straight away. They can also arrange to meet you at the airport. Ideal for your vacation in Bali, to tide you over if you are relocating or if you are just visiting relatives or friends.

Bali Baby Equipment Hire also hires baby toys, carries the ‘Huggies’ brand of nappies in all sizes and Heinz Baby Food & Vacation Packs containing Heinz food jars or baby oil, shampoo and powders in airport friendly sizes in a clear reusable airport friendly zip pouch. Bali Baby equipment hire cares about the environment and supplies nappy packs in eco friendly reusable shopping bag.

How Bali Baby Works

First you Check & Reserve:
Choose the Baby Equipment you wish to rent from the product pages and complete the reservation form.
All of the Bali Baby Equipment is thoroughly tested, cleaned and sanitised prior to delivery to ensure the highest levels of safety for you and your child.

Then confirm the order:
A Bali Baby representative will contact you by email within one business day, to confirm availability and make payment arrangements.
You will be charged the full amount of your rental request plus a bond to secure your reservation. The bond will be refunded as soon as the goods are returned.
A cleaning fee might be applied.

Lastly sort out delivery:
Delivery and set up arrangements of your Bali Baby Equipment will be made to best suit your travel requirements. You will make these together with your Bali Baby representative.

Enjoy your holiday!!
Babylite South Africa
We rent every product you’ve ever needed (including prams, strollers, joggers, cots, car seats and much more) all from trusted brands, and completely sanitized to keep baby happy, healthy and safe.
Just type Baby Equipment Hire + your destination into Google and you’re on your way to a stress free family holiday!