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Why families should consider Qantas

A trusted and established household name, Qantas is the second oldest operating airline in the world and proudly Australian. For its friendly, professional staff and crew, dedicated family zones in [...]

Adela Backhouse’s Real Life Travel Story

Those special family experiences that pull on a heartstring not only influence your future travel decisions, but also show you how travel can enhance a child’s development and understanding of [...]

Emma Ross’ Travel Tips

Emma Ross, her husband and three children love to travel in Europe, and in particular are lovers of France, so they’re accustomed to the long hauls. Here, Emma shares some [...]

Kim Mason’s Travel Tips

Travel Agent Kim Mason, her husband and two boys aged 5 and 8, are adventure-loving travellers with a penchant for the snow. Here are some the top tips that she shares with her clients who [...]

The Pacific Islands with Adela Backhouse

If you like the idea of a flop ‘n’ drop holiday in a picture-perfect paradise (with Kid’s Club included) then personal travel manager Adela Backhouse has a few ideas about where you should be heading [...]

Aircraft & Germs

Dr Karl S. Kruszelnicki - Aircraft, Oxygen and Jet Setting Germs From Dr Karl’s book 'Dis Information and Other Wikkid Myths' Last time, I talked about the common (but wrong) belief that because commercial jet [...]

Baby Equipment Hire

No one wants to carry heavy cots and prams half way across the world. If you do there is no room to take home souvenirs and presents. Let’s face it. Waiting to see whether your [...]

Ear Plugs

Pain may be experienced due to pressure changes especially during take off and landing. Childrens 'earPlanes' are safe, soft ear plugs which equalise the air pressure on each side of the ear drum and reduces [...]

Kids Clubs and Childcare Worldwide

Kids clubs and child care facilities are operated by local hotels, resorts and ski fields and are often open to the general public. It is recommended the parents or carers of children who are planning [...]

First ever malaria tablet designed just for kids.

SAFER, MORE EFFECTIVE MALARIA PROTECTION FOR FAMILIES TRAVELLING TO MALARIA INFECTED AREAS Malarone has now been launched in Australia in a children's formulation and is the first ever malaria tablet designed just for kids. It [...]

Safety Equipment

Travel With Kidz company core values include: caring, fun, knowledge, experience and integrity. If you are planning on participating in an activity overseas it is important to be aware safety equipment standards for children  vary. [...]

Travelling with Anaphylaxis

Contact your airline to see what their policies are regarding allergies, some airlines now have allergy and peanut policies such as Qantas. Call around and see which airline’s attitude towards allergy suits your family best. [...]

Travelling with kids with Allergies

Multi-food allergy cards Many children have food allergies these days and parents naturally worry about taking such kids away on a holiday – particularly overseas where language barriers could cause problems. Not to worry! You [...]