Family Travel – Vanuatu


Travel Time: 4-4½ hours from East Coast

Weather: Tropical – between April and October temperatures remain between 18 and 28 degrees, with lush landscapes and idyllic beaches. Cyclone seasons last between November to March, with often rough and dangerous weather conditions.

Language: French, Bislama & English

Currency: VUV (Vanuatu Vatu)

Major destinations/attractions: Port Vila, Tanna, Luganville & The East Coast Road

Holiday types: Beach/resort & active adventure for families of all ages

Vanuatu is a wonderful destination for kids – who will be cherished by the locals and have countless activities to undertake across the islands. Vanuatu is home to isolated natural beaches, world-class underwater explorations, impressive natural phenomena, and unique cultural experiences. There are contrasts between the resorts and upbeat rhythm of Port Vila to the traditional untouched village life of the more remote islands. The islands of Vanuatu abound with unblemished beauty and ingenuity.

The liveliest town in Vanuatu, Port Vila is full of interesting tours and adventure activities. The town is upbeat and features markets, restaurants, resorts and many activities to entertain all ages. The beautiful and remote island of Tanna, is home to undisturbed natural landscapes and phenomena – secluded beaches, rainforest and hot springs; marine and wildlife sanctuaries run by local chiefs and traditional village life. A top feature is Mt Yasur, one of the world’s most accessible active volcanos. Stay on Tanna island or take a day trip from Port Vila.

Luganville is a great base for taking adventure activities across the island Santo – particularly diving and snorkelling. The East Coast Road, linking Luganville and Port Olry is an idyllic road trip – great for a day trip or spending a couple days staying at the secluded family-friendly beaches across the coast. Be sure to stop at Oyster Island for its welcoming family vibe and Champagne Beach for its turquoise waters and impromptu souvenir markets.