Family Travel – Japan


Travel Time: 9½-10½ hours from East Coast & 13-15 hours from West Coast (depending on choice of stopover)

Weather: Japan’s weather is perfect during spring, March to May, when the countryside is lush and weather fantastic throughout most regions. Winters experience very cold temperatures throughout, with snowfall covering Japan’s north island, Hokkaido and the northern half of the main island, Honshu. Summer, June and July, bring the rainy season on Honshu; and autumn, September to December, the typhoon season across all regions.

Language: Japanese

Currency: JPY (Japanese Yen)

Major destinations: Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo & Hokkaido, Okinawa

Holiday types: City break, cultural experiences, active adventure for older kids & teens, ski and snow

Safe, clean and modern, Japan is an interesting and amusement-heavy destination for families. With lively pop and anime culture capital of Tokyo, fairy-tale like villages and snow-capped mountains in northern Hokkaido, and traditional cultural sites throughout the country – Japan has a distinct and diverse cultural mix of traditional and modern walks of life. Japanese culture is very welcoming toward children and you’ll find its diversity will delight all ages.

Tokyo, a bustling and exciting hub of pop culture, is amusement parks galore and everything animation! Kyoto is an interesting city to explore for kids and adults alike – kid-friendly museums, a hands-on underground sanctuary and impressive woodlands perfect for picnicking and bike riding are what to expect. Idyllic Sapporo, in northern Hakkaido, is great for equal parts adventure and culture. A particularly fantastic destination for older kids, Sapporo is adventure-heavy and beautiful – great year-round, and not just during the impressive ski season. Cultural fascinations in Sapporo feature visiting traditional shrines, more traditional Japanese food experiences, cycling around the city and witnessing cheery blossom season in Odori Park.