Family Travel – Italy

Travel Time: 21+ hours from East Coast & 19+ hours from West Coast (depending on stop-over duration)

Weather: Italy experiences very hot and humid summers across the country. During winter, Italy’s northern regions experience snowfall, while its south coast and islands retain somewhat mild temperatures. May to April is a sweet spot for travel throughout all regions – great weather, as well as relatively quiet, this shoulder period is a fantastic time to visit the major tourist destinations,  and engage in the beginning of summer activities in the north.

Language: Italian

Currency: EUR (Euro)

Major destinations: Rome, Naples, Florence, Cinque Terre, Sicily & Trento

Holiday types: City break, ancient ruins, beach, active adventure for families of all ages, ski & snow

Italy is the quintessential paradise for ancient ruins and historical museums – an ancient history nut’s dream! The whole family will be enamoured with the wealth of interesting and engaging sites dedicated to the country’s rich history and art. Many offer discounted admission for children, as well as seek to engage young people with educational tours and interactive experiences.

Food, and the sharing of meals with friends and family, is an integral part of Italian life. Children are loved and cherished throughout Italy and families will be welcomed in most eateries and restaurants – many are family-owned businesses themselves. Much of Italy’s best pizza is in Naples. Challenge your kids to taste the diversity of authentic Italian pasta dishes, engage in kid-friendly food tours and learn to make pizza or gelato.

In Sicily, relax at beachside towns beautifully set among ancient ruins and castles. In Trento, experience all facets of snow sports throughout the winter season and stay in the cosy family-friendly ski resorts. Explore the ancient ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum in Naples. Experience ancient Rome – a source of wonder for children (and adults!), brought to life by enthusiastic tour guides and interactive experiences. Rome’s world-class museums and ruins today provide hours of fun and knowledge for all ages.