Family Travel – France

Travel Time: 22+ hours from East Coast & 20+ hours from West Coast (depending on stop-over duration)

Weather: Warm, pleasant summers throughout the country, with high temperatures along the Mediterranean coast. Cold, dry winters throughout with snowfall in the mountainous areas (the Alps and Pyrenees). Both spring and autumn bring the mildest weather in all areas and a great time for most outdoor activities.

Language: French

Currency: EUR (Euro)

Major destinations: Paris, French Riviera, French Alps & the Pyrenees

Holiday types: City break, active adventure for older kids & teens, farm-stay, ski & snow

France is full of activities, world-class museums and a wealth of outdoor activities, often well-tailored to appeal to kids of all ages. Take fun tours in the capital, a family bike ride through the countryside, experience a local seasonal festival in the Riviera, or explore the winter wonderlands of the Alps and Pyrenees mountains.

There is the opportunity to immerse the whole family in French culture with rural farm-stays and camping, and a world of opportunities for kids to test their tastebuds with iconic French favourites – freshly baked croissants and baguettes, boeuf bourguignon (beef stew), croque monsieur (ham and cheese toastie), and escargot (snails) or cuisses de grenouilles (frog legs) for the more adventurous.

Corsica is home to idyllic beaches perfect for young children. Spend lazy days on the picturesque beaches, go snorkelling in the clear-blue waters and visit Europe’s largest tortoise and turtle sanctuary. The Alpine resorts of both the French Alps and Pyrenees region abound with adrenaline-filled activities during summer as well as winter. Most resorts are family-friendly and great for making friends. The whole family will enjoy the French Riviera – with its lively arts culture, picturesque coastal towns and year-round local festivals.