Family Travel – Canberra

Travel Time: 3hrs drive from Sydney, 7hrs drive from Melbourne. 

Weather: Experiencing warm, dry summers and crisp, cool winters, each season in Canberra brings something different. Summer temperatures range between 12.6 and 27°C with low humidity and warm evenings. Winters can reach very cold temperatures averaging between 1 and 12°C in the day and dropping below 0°C at night. Autumn and Spring are mild with cold evenings, average daytime temperatures between 6 and 20°C, and some rainfall during late Spring.

Language: English

Currency: AUD (Australian dollar)

Major destinations: Questacon, Australian War Memorial, Australian Institute of Sport, Parliament House, Lake Burley Griffin, National Museum, Royal Australian Mint, National Dinosaur Museum, National Gallery of Australia

Holiday types: City break for families of all ages

Home to interesting exhibits, indoor attractions and interactive fun, Canberra is the perfect place to engage inquisitive minds around the city’s excellent museums and galleries. The renowned Questacon museum is all about making discovery fun through its world of scientific learning and experimenting. Permanent exhibitions focus on the elements, classic sciences and experimentation. At the Discovery Centre of the Australian War Memorial all ages can pay respects to the Anzac soldiers and learn about Australia’s wartime history in an engaging environment. At the Australian Institute of Sport, a functioning training centre for elite athletes, kids enter a virtual arena to play soccer, ALF, cricket, skiing and canoeing. The National Museum is excellent for learning about the history of people and land in Australia and the National Dinosaur Museum for everything prehistoric. The Royal Australian Mint showcases everything from luxury collector’s coins to quirky robots that perform unique coin pressing.

On warm days, Lake Burley Griffin is the perfect place for families to take a picnic. Hire bikes, explore the playgrounds, cruise the lake by boat and kayak or for the ultimate view even float across in a hot air balloon. Or on the outskirts of town, enjoy 360° views over the capital from the Telstra Tower lookout above Black Mountain.