Family Travel – Thailand


Travel Time: 9½+ hours from East Coast & 7+ hours from West Coast (depending on choice of stop-over)

Weather: Tropical – hot and humid throughout the year. November to March experiences slightly cooler temperatures and lush, green landscapes. July to October is monsoon season, with some islands shutting down for the duration of these months.

Language: Thai

Currency: THB (Thai Baht)

Major destinations: Bangkok, Ko Samui, Koh Chang & Phuket

Holiday types: City break, beach/resort, wildlife & cultural experiences for families of all ages

Children are adored in Thailand. It is common for strangers to introduce themselves and ask to speak to or hold young children, particularly in the busy cities such as Bangkok. Most kids will revel in this attention, but some shy kids may be a little overwhelmed at first.

Luxurious resorts are set among lush islands and white sandy beaches in Thailand. Experience the relaxed, sensational islands featuring a wealth of outdoor adventures, then the hot, bustling capital with cultural city experiences galore. Thailand’s best destinations have diverse activities and sites to entertain all ages – the city will keep you on your toes and the islands will have you in deep throes of relaxation.

Ko Samui is great for the whole family – young kids will enjoy swimming and kite flying on sandy beaches, while beach volleyball, kick boxing, snorkelling, jet skiing and resort activities keep older kids and teenagers entertained. Phuket has so much to offer for kid’s activities and entertainment – treetop courses, water parks, surfing lessons and acrobat playparks. Outdoor activities – ziplining, jungle trekking, snorkelling and diving – will keep kids entertained on islands such as Koh Chang. Visiting the impressive shopping malls of Bangkok and bargaining in the street markets are fun activities for teenagers. Both the youngest and oldest kids won’t be lost for things to do on this great family holiday.