South East Asian Family Friendly Travel Destinations

South East Asia is an incredible destination for kids and families. Travel with Kidz specialists have been all over the region and have a good feel for the places to go and the over-rated destinations to avoid. Whether you’re thinking about a family holiday to Singapore, Cambodia, or Thailand; or you’re looking for a family-friendly foodie getaway; or if you’re trying to understand the difference in experiences you’ll have in Bali or Borneo, your Travel With Kidz Specialist can help.


Indonesia’s most popular holiday island makes for a fantastic getaway for the whole family.

Gold Coast

Perfect for the adventurous at heart – Cambodia is a captivating and memorable destination, from the magnificent Temples of Angkor to the bustling culture-rich capital Phnom Penh.

Gold Coast

One minute you’re in busy cities with skyscrapers and scrumptious street food. The next you’re at the beach, or in a wildlife-packed jungle. There is something for everyone in Malaysia.


Singapore – safe, clean and fun – is one of the best destinations in Asia to travel with children!

Northern Territory

Thailand’s best destinations have diverse activities and sites to entertain all ages.

Northern Territory

Vietnam makes for an interesting and unique cultural experience that the whole family will love.