Family Friendly Travel Destinations

When you’re starting to think about taking a holiday with your kids, deciding where to go is your first step. It helps to know which destinations are family-friendly and your Travel With Kidz Specialist will help you to figure out the best destination to suit your family’s travel style, budget and need. Take a look at the below information for inspiration on where you might take your family next.


Holiday options in Australia are many and varied. Choose from known family hot spots such as the Gold Coast, Canberra or Phillip Island; venture off the beaten track to the Outback or tropical north Queensland or head to a capital city for culture, sporting events and history.

Travel With Kidz Bali

Indonesia’s most popular holiday island makes for a fantastic getaway for the whole family.

Travel With Kidz California

Take the iconic family road trip through ‘The Golden State’. California is renowned for being one of the most popular destinations in the world for family travel.

Travel With Kidz Canada

Canada is home to interesting wildlife, an impressive outdoor adventure scene and some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

Dubai evening skyline, busy roads, sunset

Ultra-modern, rapidly expanding Dubai is an exciting feast for the senses.

Travel With Kidz Fiji

Reset your body and mind to ‘Fiji time’. Fijian people are some of the warmest, and most relaxed people in the world!

Travel With Kidz Florida

Affectionately known as the ‘The Sunshine State’, Florida’s family-friendly beaches are fantastic for both a low-key relaxed getaway or activity-fuelled family fun.

Travel With Kidz France

France is full of activities, world-class museums and a wealth of outdoor activities, often well-tailored to appeal to kids of all ages.

Travel With Kidz Germany

Artistic scenery, historical attractions and a wealth of outdoor activities and amusements – Germany is an absolute gem for family travel.


Breathtaking volcanic islands, colourful coral reefs and unforgettable sunsets over the ocean – welcome to Hawaii!


Italy is the quintessential paradise for ancient ruins and historical museums – an ancient history nut’s dream!


Safe, clean and modern, Japan is an interesting and amusement-heavy destination for families.

Travel With Kidz New York

New York is full of as many activities for kids as it has for adults!

New Zealand

Unique wildlife encounters, impressive natural landscapes, a wealth of traditional Maori culture and a utopia for adventure activities.

New Zealand

South East Asia is an incredible destination for kids and families. From Bali to Borneo and everything in between, there’s food, culture, history, beaches and adventure to be had across this fascinating region.


Switzerland is the quintessential paradise for outdoor adventure! Families of all ages will find active entertainment, which each season bringing its own charm.


Ideal for its diverse attractions, relatively compact size, magnificent wealth of outdoor activities and variety of entertainments for all ages.


Vanuatu is a wonderful destination for kids – who will be cherished by the locals and have countless activities to undertake across the islands.


Young people are loved by the Vietnamese, and young foreign children in particular receive truly warm and adoring attention from the locals.