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The best family holiday experiences with teens

Teenagers can be hard to please. When it comes to holidays, it pays to plan wisely when you have teens in your family.  Michelle Michael-Pecora is a Travel with Kidz specialist. She’s discovered that certain types of holidays work better with teens than others. […]


Top 5 things to do in London with kids

London is stunning in summer. Friends gather in the parks with barbecues and soccer balls. Workers strip off their shoes and wade into fountains. The whole city just oozes relaxed fun. It’s also fantastic for kids, with plenty to see and do all over the city. By Alison Godfrey [...]


5 theme parks you should visit

When it comes to theme parks, Brisbane travel manager Amber Bosely knows them all. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Legoland, you name it, she’s either been there or organised a holiday there. We asked Amber to pick her top five theme parks for family travel. And she surprised us with her answers. If you haven’t been to [...]


Top tips for European road trips

It pays to get expert help when planning a European road trip with kids. Travel with Kidz Specialist Georgina Grandi recently spent six weeks in Europe with her husband Frank and three children Raphael, 9 and twins Olympia and Angelica, 8. […]

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