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Myth busting Egypt

Ignore the headlines and delve into the adventure and intrigue that Egypt has to offer. Travel expert Cath Graham tells us how. By Ria Lawrence Egypt is often touted as a no-go destination. The country’s image has been shrouded in negativity, perpetuated further since the Arab Spring in 2011. Yet for travel expert, Cath Graham, [...]


How to do Asia with under 5s

Asia with kids under-fives is easy, fun and affordable. Sheridan Wilson is a Travel Manager at Travel With Kids and an expert in Asia. She and her partner Joshua recently took her children Oliver, 2, and Archie, 4 on an incredible journey to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Sheridan says Singapore is the hidden gem [...]


Mauritius insider tips for families

Travel With Kidz Specialist Gail Hughes is an expert in creating tailor-made travel experiences to Africa, Reunion Island, Seychelles and Mauritius. Born in Zimbabwe and having worked in the industry for more than 15 years, Gail now resides in Brisbane where she is passionate about helping families bring their holiday [...]


Expert advice on planning a holiday with the grandparents

Travel has never been as accessible to families as it is today and unsurprisingly, multi-generational travel with kids, parents and grandparents in tow has become increasingly popular. While it’s a wonderful way to have quality time together as a family, there are important factors to consider when planning a family [...]


The best family holiday experiences with teens

Teenagers can be hard to please. When it comes to holidays, it pays to plan wisely when you have teens in your family.  Michelle Michael-Pecora is a Travel with Kidz specialist. She’s discovered that certain types of holidays work better with teens than others. […]