Car seat rules can be confusing and vary from country to country. We’ve put together a list of car seat rules in your favorite holiday destinations.

By Janeece Keller


  • Car seat rules dictate that children must use a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135 cm tall.
  • Children under 5 months must be in a rear facing car seat. Children may use a high-backed booster seat when they are 15kg or four years old.
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  • Children must use a car seat till they’re 135 cm in height or over the age of 10.
  • Children aged 10 or over can sit in the front without a car seat if there are no rear seats available.
  • Children may use a booster seat with an adult seatbelt when they are 15 – 36kg.
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  • Children in Spain must use a car seat till they’re 135 cm or over the age of 18.
  • It is compulsory to transport kids in a n a UN R44/R129-approved car seat in the back seat of the car.
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  • All passengers in the car are required to wear seat belts including those sitting in the rear seat.
  • The front seat passenger must be at least 145 cm tall and not any younger than 10 years old.
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  • Mexican law requires both the driver and front seat passenger to wear seat belts.
  • Children under the age of 12 should sit in the back seat.
  • Children under the age of five must sit in a car-seat fastened by the car seat belt in the back seat.
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  • Canada has different regulations provided for each province.
  • There are a total of ten different regulations for each province.
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  • Irrespective of age, anyone below the height of 1.35 m (including adults), will require to be secured by a child constraint.
  • Anyone above that height will require a seat belt. The law does not exclude pregnant women.
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South Africa

  • Infants are required to use an appropriate child restraint which complies with SABS 1340 and have a certification mark in all vehicles.
  • Children aged 3-14 are required to wear seat belts.
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