Teenagers can be hard to please. When it comes to holidays, it pays to plan wisely when you have teens in your family.  Michelle Michael-Pecora is a Travel with Kidz specialist. She’s discovered that certain types of holidays work better with teens than others.

The number one holiday for families with teens is a cruise. “Because then they’ve got stuff on-board that can keep them occupied,” Michelle says.

Cruising is fabulous for families because it keeps everyone, of every age happy. Her top destination picks are the South Pacific for beginner cruises and the Caribbean for more experienced families.

“Most teens like beaches and water activities, Michelle says. “Once you’re on-board, there’s lots of stuff to do and they get to meet other teens, which is great.”

Another top destination for families with teens is Vanuatu.

“We loved Vanuatu,” Michelle says. “We went there many times with our family. It’s close to home, a very short flight, and it’s easy to get around the island.”

Vanuatu also has loads of water activities such as snorkelling, diving and boating. Families also love going to see a local village and waterfall trekking.

For teens, Michelle recommends staying in apartments to give teens a bit of extra privacy.

At number three on her list of top destinations for teens Michelle has Hawaii and the United States for “theme parks, shopping and great all round varied cities”.

Of the theme parks, Michelle says Disney World Orlando is the best for teens. It’s the largest Disney Park and you can combine it with Universal Studios and a trip to the NASA Kennedy Space Centre.

Michelle says it’s always great to combine a USA mainland road trip for theme park visit with a stopover in Hawaii.

“It finishes it off really well because because then you’ve got the laid-back island style, you can drive around in a convertible visiting food trucks, different islands and volcanoes,” Michelle says.  

Next on Michelle’s list of great holiday places for teens is Asia, particularly Bali, Phuket and Vietnam.

“Bali’s close and most families know Bali,” Michelle says. “You’ve got your bars, it’s cheap once you get there, it’s  easy market shopping and there’s lots of different activities from the mountains to surfing.”

“Phuket’s similar, but it’s probably a step up from Bali depending on where you stay.

Vietnam is the rising star of 2018 family travel and offers a completely different experience depending on whether you go to the north or the south. Michelle recommends the laid back areas of Hoi An, with colourful markets, stunning beaches and cultural villages. Teens will also love getting clothes tailored for them.

If you’re considering a holiday with teens, Michelle can help. Get in contact with her via her travel managers page.