Cath Graham’s love of Egypt inspires the many people that she guides through its ancient and modern day wonders.

By Michelle Hespe

Travel with Kidz specialist Cath Graham has had a 25-year love affair with Egypt, so it’s no surprise that many of her favourite travel memories were created in a country that most Australians don’t have on their ‘must-do’ lists. “Egypt is my favourite place in the world for so many reasons: the food, the people, the weather and the landscapes some of them.”

Cath’s five-year-old daughter Minna cannot wait to travel to Egypt with her mother, not just because she’s been pouring over brochures, books and photos since she was a toddler, but because Cath has so many beautiful stories from a country that is so rich in history and culture. 

“My first ever word was Sphinx” says Cath, laughing. “And my favourite thing in the world to do is to ride camels around the Pyramids at sunset. I often take groups of people to the Pyramids. We begin in town, riding down the streets of Cairo, with local life happening all around us. The children race after the camels, having a great time, while meals are prepared in houses and the aromas drift out of open doors and windows. There’s traffic, city madness, and then you’re out in the desert on your camel with the Pyramids appearing before you, as they’re been for thousands of years. It gives you an incredible feeling of seeing history right there — it sure is a sight to behold.”

To Cath, Egypt has everything she could want in a holiday, or as somewhere to live. “I love the culture, the weather the art, public installations, museums and the festivals. It’s also such a great place for a family holiday as the kids get so into the history and see how the local kids live. It’s a really popular holiday choice for European families.”

Aside from her beloved Egypt, when it comes to a family holiday (or a multi-generational one for that matter), Cath thinks that you can’t beat a cruise. “We recently did a cruise with my family and it was amazing, because it was so easy,” she says, smiling at the memory. “Every morning you wake up to a different place, and once you are on, there is no unpacking, which makes things so much more relaxing. We travelled through Croatia, Turkey and Greece on one holiday, in eight days! If you tried to see those three countries in eight days on the roads or by flying, you’d spend most of your time in airports and packing and unpacking. And the kids just love the kid’s club, as they can meet so many other kids and there’s a seemingly endless array of activities for them.”

To find out more or to book a family holiday to Egypt, contact Cath Graham.