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TWK Feature Article Library

Welcome to the Travel With Kidz library of feature articles. Our consultants travel widely. Share in some of their globe-trotting experiences, advice and anecdotes. Please feel free to browse this diverse collection for expert advice on family travel.


Trust the Travel With Kidz family with your family travel!


What Makes Travel With Kidz Unique

Since 1995, Travel With Kidz has been trusted by families seeking a stress-free, safe and memorable holiday. From our experiences of travelling with our own children we know that different families have different needs. Our network of highly skilled professional travel agents provides a unique and personal service, specialising in family travel worldwide. Family holidays can and should be fun, and Travel With Kidz offers packages featuring family-friendly accommodation and activities, plus some great travel deals.

Agent values
Why are we so trusted and successful? This has much to do with our agent values, which are:

  • Caring and safety
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Fun
  • Integrity

Safety is our absolute core value. When planning your trip we take the safety of children into special account by assisting you to choose the right airline and recommending family-friendly accommodation, such as apartments. For example, our accommodation recommendations generally offer kids’ clubs, where child protection and safety is of paramount importance. Of course, the availability of children’s menus is also important and all of the excursions we book for you must be age-related and safe.

Family holidays were much different 50 years ago. … no seats belts, 5 kids in a caravan , no fancy kids clubs, no onboard entertainment for kids, the rules were simple on holidays. Today, safety is a much bigger issue, and Travel With Kidz is an expert in recommending the best, safest, family holidays - in Australia and Overseas. View the video below to have a laugh and reminisce.

Personal service

Our personal service includes arranging the correct home-to-airport and airport-to hotel transport for you – featuring seatbelts and child seats – providing hints on coping with long-haul flights, childcare facilities, surviving a holiday with teens, medical tips and much more.

TWK family holiday rating guide

We also offer a rating guide to assist in deciding where to holiday with your children, be they newborns, toddlers, of primary school age or teens. Each family’s needs and destination dreams vary greatly and this unique five-point guide is designed to help you make an informed decision that will lead to a successful, memorable and stress-free holiday.



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