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With the right knowledge travelling with children will create a lifetime of memories for the whole family.

The experience of seeing, touching, smelling and meeting the different cultures around the world can become a reality. We invite you to locate your nearest accredited Travel With Kidz office using the Travel With Kidz Agent Finder above.


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Emirates Airlines

Young flyers receive special attention every step of the way – even a birthday cake can be arranged!

Whether you are flying alone or with your families, Emirates make sure our youngest travellers receive the utmost care and attention. The special treatment begins the moment you contact reservations and continues throughout the entire flight experience. Emirates offer separate check-in facilities for young passengers travelling alone, and dedicated Emirates staff members to accompany them to and from the aircraft. They also provide priority boarding for families with young children, and every plane is equipped with changing tables and bassinets for comfort and convenience for the young families.

Boredom isn’t an option on Emirates as they strive to offer the best children’s entertainment in the air. From dedicated children's channels and brightly coloured headsets to complimentary birthday cakes, they provide lots of diversions for Young Flyers. Whether it’s their great selection of radio, podcasts and CDs, the best in interactive games or their exclusive children’s magazines, there is no shortage of entertainment for your kids. They even offer their own Airshow channel, so your child can experience a pilot's-eye view of take-off and landing and follow the aircraft’s progress. When it’s time to shift gears and do some reading, '3,2,1…' and 'e-kids', our children’s magazines are filled with stories, jokes, puzzles and fun facts that are sure to entertain.

Emirates offer a wide range of special meals thoughtfully prepared for the unique needs and preferences of Young Flyers. Whether you bring your own food that we’ll carefully warm and prepare, or choose from a special selection of prepared baby meals, they will make sure that your children eat the best food available. For Young Flyers between the ages of 2 and 12 years, they offer special fare that includes their favourites and vegetarian options as well. Even the fussiest eaters will find something to enjoy with their children’s meals.

On board facilities available in every Emirate plane for families travelling with infants, includes pillows and blankets, large overhead storage lockers, changing tables in the toilets and they also have bassinets on board all of our aircraft, measuring approximately 29.5 inches (74.93cm) long by 13 inches (33.02cm) wide by 6.5 inches (16.51 cm) deep. There is a weight limit of 11 kgs Infant safety is something that Emirates take seriously and certain rules apply. Please visit their website to familiarise yourself with these.



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