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Each month, we will bring you some picks and tips to make your family travel fun and safe. These tips are provided as a guide only.


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Travelling with kids with Allergies


Multi-food allergy cards

Many children have food allergies these days and parents naturally worry about taking such kids away on a holiday – particularly overseas where language barriers could cause problems.

Not to worry! You can now buy laminated 'allergy cards', which come in 15 languages including English, and simply point to the translated sentence that says either:

'I am allergic to . . .'
'Does this food contain . . .'

Many foods are covered, including cheese, nuts, eggs, shellfish, mushrooms, strawberries, wheat and MSG, and each card offers three food translations – for example, pecans, barley and tomatoes – from and into one of the languages available.

Cards are reasonably priced and available from:


Allergy Passport iPhone Application

Convert allergy phrases into 33 languages to show your waiter or chef. Allergy Passport is a simple solution that covers almost 95% of the world's languages, is very cheap, and needs to be downloaded only once in a lifetime!


Alergy Alert Bands

The Anaphylaxis Alert, Food Allergy Alert and Personal Alert wristbands have been specifically redesigned to allow you to personalise them with specific allergies/allergens or any other sensitivities and/or the child’s information or emergency contact details that you need others to be aware of.

It can simply and easily be personalised with a permanent marker or a ball point pen. Ideal for Nut Allergy, Latex Allergy, Egg Allergy, Dairy Allergy, Fish Allergy, Insect Bite Allergy, Penicillin Allergy and all other sensitivities.




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